President of High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of BiH resigns

President of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina (HJPCBiH) Milan Tegeltija resigned today after a two-day session of the regulatory body after council members voted to oblige him to resign, Fena news agency reports.

Namely, the majority of members of the HJPC voted for the conclusion „that the President of the HJPC Milan Tegeltija resigns today, and that the Council appoints one member of the HJPC who will represent the institution until the election of a new member from the basic and district courts of RS. Until there is a new Presidency of the HJPC.“

As previously announced by the Vice President of the HJPC BiH Sanela Gorušanović-Butigan, based on the discussion after Tegeltija’s resignation and the new procedural situation, three possible conclusions were crystallized, and in addition to the first one voted, she presented two more conclusions.

According to her, the second conclusion would be „for the president to resign today and for the president to be elected“, and the third is „for the president to resign today, and before that to schedule a new session of the HJPC and send a request to the RS Supreme Court election of a new member before the basic and district courts”.

After Tegeltija submitted his written resignation, a break was given so that the resignation could be recorded in the HJPC Secretariat and enter into force.

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