President of HDZ 1990 Spoke With Jonathan Moore

Raguz_Moore_18_08_2013_webThe President of HDZ 1990 Martin Raguž and the Director of the Southern and Central European Office of the US State Department Jonathan Moore met yesterday in Mostar.

Moore congratulated Raguž on his election as president of HDZ 1990. He said that there are big expectations from HDZ 1990 to continue the constructive approach in offering solutions for all major political issues in B&H.

They agreed on the priority and importance of solving the most pressing issues such as constitutional reform, the implementation of the court’s decision in Strasbourg, resolution of the military property issue in order to activate the Membership Action Plan, as well as the overall relations in B&H with special emphasis on reform of the FB&H.

After Croatia’s accession to the EU and the agreement between Belgrade and Kosovo, B&H must not be left out key political developments in the region, said at the meeting.

Moore said that the USA, as it is doing now, would actively contribute to and participates in finding solutions in B&H.

(Source: Fena)

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