Presidency Member Komsic: The Balkans has been marked by a lot of Evil and Blood

Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Zeljko Komsic today in Donja Gradina, on the occasion of marking the 76th anniversary of the breakthrough of detainees from the Ustasha camp Jasenovac, said that the place has no state but humane and global importance – like any evil, especially when it happens to so many people .

He pointed out that the lost human lives, suffering and evil associated with that place deserve for purely human reasons, and not for political or any other, that we remember it and pay homage to the shadows of the victims.

“That is the reason why I am here today, as I try to be every year if possible,” said Komsic.

He added that such things should be remembered and taught to children how great human evil can be, and how many sacrifices result from that evil, all in order to be better people and how it would never happen again.

“The area of ​​former Yugoslavia and the Balkans has been marked by a lot of evil and blood, and I guess in today’s world when nothing can be hidden, as a human race we have reached the level that we can say to ourselves that it is unacceptable for such things to happen anywhere in the world,” Komsic emphasized.

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