Presenting Opportunities For BiH Students to Study in Saudi Arabia

studentiIn the Cultural Center “King Fahd” in Sarajevo today there was a presentation to students, professors, deans and rectors of all BiH universities on the opportunities to study in Saudi Arabia, which includes all educational fields except medicine and health studies.

The Deputy Minister of Education in the Ministry for Higher Education of Saudi Arabia Muhammed Abdulaziz Al-Ohali addressed the gathered members of the academic community. He said that education in his country is at a high level thanks to the stance of the government of Saudi Arabia to allocate a large percentage of the state budget to education.

He underlined that the government of Saudi Arabia is making efforts to make this country into a respectable scientific community and that state decisions go into this direction.

He noted that in Saudi Arabia, a country that has 28 million people, has 5 million students in schools and around 1,2 million students in higher educational institutions.

The Director of the Cultural Center “King Fahd” Sarajevo prof. dr. Khaled Addamigh stated that 26 percent of the state budget is allocated for education, which is one of the biggest percentages that is given to education in the world.

“Our mission is to strengthen academic relations between BiH and Saudi Arabia and linking these countries in an academic sense since both countries have a similar mission, and this is to achieve higher levels of education’’, said Addamigh.

Speaking on the conditions that await students from BiH who decide to study in Saudi Arabia, Adamigh said that they can expect high education standards, and those who receive stipends will have free education, accommodation, health insurance, as well as flight tickets to visit BiH every year, and they will receive money for personal expenses.

The Dean of the University of Sarajevo prof. dr. Muharem Avdispahić told journalists that he visited the University “King Fahd” this year in Riyadh, and said this is a university that is among one of the 250 most respected ones in the world.

“The campus is built on a million square meters, and has extremely developed fields such as nanotechnology and atom-physics, and other areas as well. Academic staff that from Saudi Arabia received their education from throughout the world, and they have done research in many countries’’, said the Dean.

He said that today’s event is a way to show that Saudi Arabia is open for various areas of study, and that is shows that Saudi Arabia is not limited to only Islamic Studies and Arabic language, and that the image of Saudi Arabia is changing in the world.

He recalled that Saudi Arabia is the financier of the University Library in Sarajevo, and the BiH Presidency on 17 June finalized an international agreement, which was the basis of successful cooperation of the two countries in the future.

(Source: Fena)

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