Presented the Film”Odumiranje” with Director Miloš Pušić

odumiranje filmLast night in Multiplex Cinema City it is screened the Serbian film “Odumiranje” of the director Miloš Pušić and speaks about the eternal dilemma of young people to leave or stay. This film is shown in the context of the program “Sarajevo Guests Presents” of this year’s 19th Sarajevo Film Festival.

After many years spent in Belgrade Janko, played by Branislav Trifunović, returns home in a remote village and decides to sell the land and to seek a better future in Switzerland.

However, on this ground, was buried his father and this is the reason that his lonely mother Milica, played by Dara Džokić, opposed this decision, and in an effort to talk him out of that decision she was helped by  Strahinja, played by Boris Isaković.

The director Pušić said, after the screening of this emotional film, that it was done by the scenario of Dušan Spasojević, who wrote the script for the drama performance at the Belgrade Theater Studio 212.

He decided to make this film because he, himself was found in a dilemma as the main actor to stay or go, so in that idea made the film which, among other things, talks about generational differences between parents and children, the heritage, but speaks about the problems of dying villages as successors go in the city, although even there are facing difficulties.

“Art and the film need to speak and reveal important things, but as well as to be relevant with the time. The film speaks about human selfishness. Most of us are we just trying to live our lives and in constant try to make it better, but it needs to wake up and to think about others, how to make their lives better in order to make ours better”, said Pušić.

The actor Isaković said that for seven years has been preparing for this role while playing the same role in theater play, noting that the conditions for shooting of this film in Zlatibor were exceptional.

Trifunovic, who is also the producer of the film, says that from the idea to the realization of the film have passed about three years, but the movie was filmed in about six weeks with a budget of 600.000 euros.

Significant role in the film has the B&H actor Emir Hadžihafizbegović, playing the friend of Janko. He pointed out the great collaboration with the entire team that worked on the film, adding that this film as well as other forms of arts are seeking the meaning of life.

The film is recorded in Zlatibor and brings beautiful landscapes, with many shots of meadows and forests that leave no one indifferent.

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