Presentation of the Report on the Progress of Anti-Corruption Reforms in B&H

Transparency-International-logoTransparency International Bosnia and Herzegovina (TI B&H) with the support of B&H Open Society Fund is organizing the presentation of the report “Monitoring progress in the implementation of anti-corruption reforms in B&H”.

Within the Monitoring of the implementation of anti-corruption reforms in B&H, TI B&H follows the anti-corruption activities in the most sensitive areas that are reflected through the monitoring of compliance with the international obligations of B&H in the fight against corruption such as the prosecution of corruption in the courts and prosecutors’ offices, the changes in the legal framework and the implementation of the law on conflict of interest, the functioning of the public sector audit and monitoring of the implementation of the Law on Public Procurement.

TI B&H also follows the efforts of the legislative and executive powers in fight against corruption, in terms of improving the legal framework and the efficiency of the application of laws aiming to combat corruption. TI B&H Based on these activities, made ​​the summary of all monitoring reports conducted for the period 2011-2012.

TI B&H will present the publication and the analyses of monitoring in specific fields on 10/10/2013, at 12:00 pm at the Hotel Europe in Sarajevo.

(Source: The press service of TI B&H)


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