Presentation of Alternative Report on B&H Progress in European Integration Process

Shadow_ReportThe initiative for monitoring of European integration in B&H will organize tomorrow in Sarajevo a presentation of alternative report on B&H progress in the process of european integration and a round table on the topic “Relationship of EU and Civil Society in B&H”.

Initiative for monitoring of european integration in B&H is a non formal coalition of civil sector organizations, aiming to monitor reforms and ways of implementing politics and rights of EU in the process of european integrations and to inform the public on all positive and negative events of EU path.

In this regard, Initiative has crated Shadow Report of B&H progress on its path towards european integration from the perspective of non governmental organizations with a special focus on respect for human rights.

Also, the aim is to show the ability of civil sector in B&H that cooperates and offers expert reports and recommendations, which are independent from government and EU.


(Source: Fena)

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