Prescription Drugs to be cheaper by up to 80 percent?

lijekoviIn February next year, when BiH starts applying the new rulebook on maximum wholesale prices, prescription drugs will be cheaper by up to 80 percent.

Apart from patients, the state will also generate savings. Agency for Drugs and Medical Aids counts on 50 million BAM per year.

Prescription drugs make up around 80 percent of drugs market in BiH.

“Some of them will be cheaper by 80 percent, while some will not be cheaper at all because their prices are already lower than what the rulebook prescribes,” said Aleksandar Zolak, director of the Agency.

After the prices of prescription drugs are decreased in February, additional savings are expected because the market game will continue among traders who deal with wholesale, who will continue lowering prices under the maximum amount, the Agency claims.

What is interesting is that prices of medicines in BiH, regardless of the lower standard of its residents, have been so far the highest in the region. Politicians were forced by international monetary institutions to change that image.

With the adoption of the new rulebook on maximum wholesale prices of prescription drugs in BiH, the World Bank loan in the amount of 70 million USD will become operational.


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