Preparations of the Gojer Show “Smrt Bludnice Marije i Ostale Smrti”

gradimir.gojerTonight at the hotel “Europa” in Sarajevo starts the preparations for the play “Smrt bludnice Marije i ostale smrtiby the novel of Miroslav Krleža, dramatized and prepared by renowned Sarajevo director, artist, writer and poet Gradimir Gojer.

At the press conference Gojer explained that the theme of the show, which will be made in the production of Creative Action “Krleža, Europa Hotel, Old Cityis very relevant today as it was at the time when Krleža wrote this piece.

“It is an existential Novelist because in the focus is the relationship of the man towards another man, society and the state”, said Gojer.

He added that the show will bring another very important message, and that is improving relationship with women.

“Unfortunately, women for centuries were objects and with this show, we will point the need for women to be the subject. On several occasions I have said that B&H would be more successful if it was leaded by women. I firmly stand behind this attitude”, said Gojer.

He hopes that the play will mobilize many people to start treating the woman in different way, as a human being.

The main role will be played by the actress of the theater Marin Držić” from Dubrovnik Gloria Šuletić, while one of the leading roles will have the actor from Zagreb Vincent Štefanec.

Scenery and costumes are made by Vanja Popovic, our most famous costume designer.

(Source: Fena)

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