Premiere of Film “Krajina, Put Kestena” At “Bihaćko ljeto“

put_kestena_wAs part of the 15th festival of performing arts of “Bihaćko ljeto“ (Bihać Summer) on Monday night, with the presence of a large number of citizens, there was a ceremony to mark the premiere of the film “Krajina, put kestena” by Director Jasmin Duraković and screenwriter Mirsad Ćatić-Čuperka.

The public will have the chance to first see the long-awaited film, which deals with the spirit of the people of Krajina, their traditions and customs, mentality, their history, and most of all the pride and intense emotions of the people of Krajina.

“The film includes a long time period, from the Ottoman rule up until today, and at the same time it shows how people from Krajina have adopted to every historical change and movement, suffering severe ups and downs and shocks’’, said screenwriter Ćatić before the premiere of the film.

Support to the movie was given by municipality Bihać, and the Mayor of the municipality Emdžad Galijašević congratulated the director and screenwriter, and all actors for an excellent work done on the filming, which illustrates the turbulent history of the people of Krajina in the past.

“Bihać is a city of art and we are all proud when people who love this city write, paint, sing and film on the beauty of Krajina and its people. Our past was always turbulent and we all hope that our future would bring peace, prosperity and unity in order to build an even better society for the pride of Krajina’’, said Galijašević.

The leader of the music group Zabranjeno Pušenje Sejo Sexon worked on the music for the film, and the public enjoyed a performance by “Shaderwan Code”, where Sexon took part in carrying out performances of Sevdalinka music from the film.

A sneak preview of the film was organized a day earlier in Bosanska Krupa and in Cazin, and after Bihać the film will be shown in Sarajevo, Tuzla and Bugojno.

(Source: Fena)

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