Preliminary Estimation: Damage on Roads 27 Million Euros

May 29, 2014 8:30 PM

Doboj highway 150 km from Sarajevo closed to traffic due to landslides“The rough estimation of damages was done by the competent public companies, which concluded that the total estimated value of the damage to the railroad, which includes construction and electrical Works, amounts to 9.869.254 Euros. In addition, the damage to the main roads is approximately 16.911.000 Euros. From this amount, the emergency works on main roads will amount to 2.121.000 Euros and rehabilitation of landslides and buildings 14.790.000 Euros,” was announced by the Federal Minister for Transport and Communications Enver Bijedić.


According to Bijedic, main roads, railway and traffic are endangered due to floods. However, other types of traffic take place normally.


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