Poturak: I finally brought FFC in Sarajevo and won Munoz

dzevadDzevad Poturak, aka BH Machine, in front of his fans achieved a new victory yesterday night.

At the Final Fight ChampionChip 7 (FFC 7), the spectacle which was held in Skenderija in front of more than 4,000 spectators, Poturak defeated Frank Munoz.

“This is my third victory in a row and I am happy because I have “perished” for this tournament”, said after defeating Munoz , BH best kick boxer Poturak.

He stressed that this victory was impossible for him and for BiH.

“I did a complete preparation for the event, I brought FFC in Sarajevo, which is the biggest promotion in Europe”, added Poturak.

24 fighters from 10 countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Germany, Spain and Ukraine participated on the FFC 7.

Colors of BiH were defended by Ivan Skoko (MMA) who lost his fight against Serbian Vladimir Prodanović, Tomislav Spahović “The Beast” (MMA) won the Bulgarian Kamen Georgieva and Dženan Poturak (kick boxing) was defeated by the Serbian Strahinje Denić.


(Source: faktor)


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