Re-exhumation of 65 already buried Srebrenica Victims started

potocari re-exhumationRe-exhumation of the remains of 65 victims for the sake of re-association, i.e. the completion of the bodies, started in the Memorial Centre in Potocari.

These are the victims who were killed during the genocide committed in the Srebrenica area back in 1995, and the re-exhumation should last until the 29th of July.

Relocation of mass graves in order to cover up the crime and destroy the traces resulted in the discovery of incomplete bodies in mass graves that were found in the area of Srebrenica, Bratunac, Zvornik, and Vlasenica.

Investigator of the Institute for Missing Persons of BiH, Sadik Selimovic, says that with these 65 bodies, a total of 401 re-exhumations were done for the sake of re-association.

“There’s about a thousand cases more for which is needed re-exhumation. This is all an indication of the extent of the crime. Many of the bodies have not been completed yet,” said Selimovic.

In the Memorial Centre Potocari was buried 6,504 victims of genocide so far.

(Source: klix.ba)

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