Potatoes from Ljubuski to be on the Market of EU countries and Russia soon?

The director of Agricultural cooperative “Plodovi zemlje”, Dubravko Vukojevic, said that all the preconditions and permissions for export of potatoes from Ljubuski to the countries of EU were provided and that customers from Russia are interested in their potatoes as well.

“Between 7, 000 and 8, 000 tons of potatoes are produced on the plantations of Ljubuski, depending on the year,” stated Vukojevic, and noted that they export about 3, 000 tons in Croatia, which is currently the largest importer of potatoes from Ljubuski.

Potatoes from Ljubuski will be different from other imported potatoes, and except the quality, it will also have unique packaging. They added that they provided biodegradable bags with a logo besides 10,000 pieces of cardboard packaging.

He added that the EU and the Government of Germany helped them a lot with the packaging through the program for local governance and economic development EU ProLocal, which is implemented by the German Development Agency GIZ.

Vukojevic stated that the main goal of the event “The Days of Potatoes – Ljubuski”,  is to present this high quality and indigenous product to the public.

According to him, the Agricultural cooperative “Plodovi zemlje” has been organizing this event for the 10thconsecutive year. According to participants, this event offers a great help when it comes to the placement of potatoes on the markets of BiH and Croatia.

Mayor Nevenko Barbaric and the director of GIZ for BiH and Montenegro Brigitte Heuel-Rolf will also attend this event.


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