Posters of Ratko Mladic appeared on the Streets of Srebrenica

Shameful posters of war criminal Ratko Mladic have appeared on the streets of Srebrenica these days, before July 11th, which reads “July 11th is the day of the liberation of Srebrenica. Thank you army of Republika Srpska.

“They were put by Vojin Pavlovic, president of the Association of Citizens “Eastern Alternative” from Bratunac, Avaz news portal reports.

I don’t know if it’s worth commenting on. He is a man I don’t even know how to call anymore, considering that this has happened several times already, and that the competent Prosecutor’s Office and the police have not reacted. It is a conscious provocation. The election campaign has already started, he is raising his rating and will probably end up on one of the lists.

He is neither the first nor the last Serb to campaign for himself by glorifying war criminals. Milorad Dodik himself did that by naming the student center “Karadzic” in East Sarajevo or Pale. According to the identical matrix, this one also works here,” Alija Tabakovic, the candidate for mayor of Srebrenica, told Avaz.

He adds that it is a shame to put up posters with the image of a convicted war criminal for genocide and other crimes before July 11.

“The most appropriate saying now is:

“What a smart man is ashamed of, a fool is proud of,” concludes Tabakovic.

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