Possible start of the Bridge Reconstruction from Zvornik to Mali Zvornik in Spring 2014

mostThe Mayor of Zvornik Zoran Stevanović said that during the second meeting of the leaders of the municipality of Zvornik and Mali Zvornik, in the context of the event Zvornik summer, came up the idea to initiate activities on the reconstruction of the bridge Krajl Aleksandar Karađorđević, reports “Radio Osvit“.

“Together, we have taken many steps, it is prepared the project documentation, and reconstruction of the bridge at the last joint session entered into a collaborative program of the Government of Serbia and the RS. I expect that by the end of the year we will choose the contractor and in spring to begin with the realization of the bridge reconstruction, which is very important for the residents of both municipalities. This bridge is important because it allows people to move from one to another municipality for work, education, shopping, socializing, and has a status symbol of both cities”, said Stevanović


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