Possible agreement of the ”six” on the Sejdić-Finci case?

Dragan Čović, the president of the HDZB&H political party stated that he is completely sure
that the ”six” will reach an agreement on the next meeting scheduled on the 20th November in
Mostar. He also thinks that it will be the most successful one compared to the previous ones.
Among other things, Čović accentuates that he believes that from this meeting on, the ”six”
will have the opportunity to collaborate normally for the next two years. Čović said that ”there
is no obstacle in the case of forming the House of Peoples and I think we can close thattopic”.
” But so far as the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina is concerned ” he continues, ”

I think that we just need to go over the principle that no nation will chose the representatives
on behalf of others.”
The results of the meeting could facilitate the work for the legislative and executive branch,
because there will be no more reason for constant consultations on the parliamentary majority.
President of the HDZB&H party is also very optimistic about signing the document about the
implementation of the decision of the Court in Strasburg on the Sejidić- Finci case. He also
claims that this is of crucial importance because of the arrival of the officials of the European
Union to Sarajevo, the week after the signing.

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