Positive Story: Youth replaced Nationalistic Graffiti into Art

As part of the USAID project “Be inspiration”, young people in Zenica replaced nationalist graffiti on one of the buildings near the Bilino Polje stadium, with art.

More than ten young people participated in this project, who finished an artistic mural after only five hours.

“There are many public spaces in Bosnia and Herzegovina graffiti with nationalistic content or hate speech can be seen, During the ‘Paint Back’ activities, the project ‘Be inspired’ will organize a creative workshop for middle school students schools from Sarajevo, Tuzla, Zenica, Maglaj, Travnik and Cazin and practically train them to transform inadequate graphites into works of art, “ news portal reports.

Students will work with selected street painters who will teach them how to turn graphite in mural or design them in a different way.

The project “Animating Youth for Reconciliation – Be inspired” is dedicated to creating a higher level of understanding among young people on the various narratives of the conflict in BiH and building cooperation between young people who come from different ethnic communities.

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