A Positive Story of Volunteers who are bringing Smile back to the Faces of the forgotten ones

January 7, 2018 2:00 PM

Last year was very difficult for a large number of our citizens who are living in poverty and on margins of our society. Thanks to the great heart and hard work of volunteers who are working in different associations and organizations, the hope that they are not forgotten was returned to these people.

The number of persons who need some kind of help is increased every year, but volunteers manage to help everyone with the help of good people.

Organization Pomozi.ba is well known for its numerous humanitarian and regular activities of sharing meals, visiting old and helpless people and helping socially vulnerable people. Elvir Karalic said that this has been the most successful year for them so far. They organized a large help for refugees from Syria at the very beginning of the year, and they sent 12 ship containers full of food to people in camps in Turkey and Syria. The value of that project was around half a million BAM.

“Besides all other actions and projects, our main project “Meal for everyone” made a progress, and now, we have the food delivered to the home of more than 300 elderly, sick and old people on a daily basis, including Sarajevo, Mostar, Vogosca, Ilijas, Breza, Vares, Visoko and Kakanj. We are planning to further extend this project to some other areas already in the middle of January 2018, as well as to increase the number of users to 500. Besides that project, there are also school snacks for children, and we provide around 1,000 snacks in tens of schools all over BiH on a daily basis,” stated Karalic.

During the year of 2017, we managed to realize projects of construction of several residential units thanks to hard work and our donors, and we also realized dozens of different actions and projects. Besides distribution of hygiene and food packages, we realized about 6,000 iftar dinners during the month of Ramadan.

“We organized an action to help the Rohinja people from Myanmar in October, and we ended the year with 2,000 gift packages donated by the dm company,” said Karalic.

From the humanitarian organization “Hand on the Heart” noted that this year was challenging and difficult, but beautiful. They started the last year with the project “Chearful Winter Hand to Heart”, within which they spent some quality time with children from socially vulnerable families, they took them to the theatre, children’s playrooms and organized trips to the mountains.

“A man cannot change the others, but we can change ourselves. When we change ourselves and try to be better, we make a positive impact on our environment and the local community with that kind of pattern of productive and good behaviours,” said Faris Gurda, the President of the Association “Hand On Heart”

(Source: M. N./Klix.ba)








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