Positive Story: Volunteers are taking care about 1,000 People

The humanitarian-charitable organization “Bread of St. Anto” is working on more than a dozen projects for years, and it represents the first-hand assistance to people in need, the poor and the disadvantaged citizens. Workers and volunteers of this organization are taking care of more than 1,000 people on a daily basis.

“This is a way to survive for most of them, since they cannot provide at least one meal for themselves, and some of them cannot even prepare their food due to the illness. For this kind of users, we deliver the food on their home address. Due to the high demand, we provide our help only to the most disadvantaged citizens,” stated Cerenic.

They also invest a lot in young people. They help them to get their education, find a warm home during their studies and they provide them great support.

The HCO “Bread of St. Anto” provides financial assistance in the form of scholarships for students from lower income families through the Fund “Drop of Goodness”. They financially helped between 40 and 100 young people in recent years.

“We provide free educations for young people who are studying in Sarajevo, we contribute to their work on their personalities, as well as their process of learning and development in the sense of practical knowledge and skills that are required for active participation in our society. Our goal is to enable our students to face life problems more easily during their studies. Young users of scholarships of “Bread of St. Anto” and users of the Franciscan Dorm have the opportunity to volunteer in our organization or in one of the partner organizations,” as announced from this organization.

“The volunteers are visiting older people in Canton Sarajevo, and they help them in performing their daily activities and they provide them with care. People included in these projects are mainly those without family and friends,” said Vanja Cerenic, the assistant on the projects of this organization.

“Our mission is to contribute to the quality of life of individuals and families in need by providing our material, psychosocial and medical assistance and support, as well as formal and informal education and the organization of humanitarian work. ‘Bread of St. Anto’ cares about the needs of its users on the first place, regardless of their religion, nation, political and social orientation,” as noted by Cerenic.

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