Positive Story: Residents of Sarajevo helping Refugees from Syria and Afghanistan

February 14, 2018 11:00 AM

Several groups of refugees from Syria and Afghanistan are sleeping under the open sky in Canton Sarajevo and other cities in BiH. They came to BiH to find the rescue from all the horrors of war.

According to certain information, there is a larger group of refugees located in the Sarajevo settlement of Ilidza. There are families with children of 16 years of age among them. Volunteers from Pomozi.ba found out about them and gave them food, clothes, blankets and sleeping bags.

The other volunteers who are helping to refugees in BiH for years stated that there are refugees in the area of Velika Kladusa, Bihac, Trebinje, Zvronik, Bijeljina, Bratunac and numerous other places. They are coming to BiH because they cannot go to the EU over Croatia and Hungary.

“They are violent to them at the Croatian borders and numerous men were beaten, which is the reason why they have changed their route. Now they only have Montenegro, Albania and BiH. Today they were taken care of, some of them were barefoot, and volunteers from Pomozi.ba gave them clothes. Ordinary residents are helping them as well by giving them food and warm drinks. Currently, the most important necessities are food, shoes, men clothes for the age between 16 and 26 years, etc.,” said one of the volunteers.

They were noticed sleeping in the streets, since they are aware that there is not enough space in the asylum centers. There are injured people among the refugees, because they walked all the way to our country.

The refugees also said that they are positively surprised by the reaction of BH police officers, because they did not experience any type of violence or anything similar, which they were afraid of.

The Islamic Community of BiH issued a statement in which it appealed to BH authorities to secure adequate accommodation and all other types of assistance to refugees, according to provisions of international legal protection.

(Source: M. N./Klix.ba)


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