Positive Story: Residents of Sarajevo helped Single Mother of Four

A few days ago, an appeal for help to a single mother of four children from Sarajevo was published on social networks. Citizens are invited to donate food, clothes, shoes, a woman, a mother with cancer, who, as announced by Aida Feraget, an activist for the rights of marginalized groups, lives in very bad conditions, and received 150 BAM in October, together with a food package, Radio Sarajevo writes.

The residents of Sarajevo responded in great number to this action. “My people, there are no words for this! How much is the heart of Sarajevo … First, that beautiful side – food, clothes, shoes, hygiene supplies and money were collected so much that we needed one van and seven private vehicles to transfer it all to Emina and her family. From donations of 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 marks, a total of 4,320 BAM and 20 EUR were collected and handed over. Through another action organized by a group of women earlier, the family was provided with three meters of wood. Emina, sick, must not be forgotten. Her son Amar is ready to work and support his mother and brothers, but he can’t do it alone. They have food, clothes, hygiene now. What is urgent for the family to be accommodated in a space that has walls and a floor, and not an illusion of the same. We have a cantonal level, federal, state. Someone has an empty apartment somewhere. Dry space with no moisture leaking down the walls”, wrote Feraget.

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