Positive Story: Rescuers saved a Dog stuck on dam at Jablanica Lake

December 7, 2017 3:30 PM

Members of the Hercegovina Mountain Rescue Service (in Bosnian: HGSS) from Jablanica, saved the dog who has been on the concrete wall of the dam at Jablanica Lake for two months.

“Today, members of HGSS BiH, Jablanica Station, have carried out a rescue operation for a dog who has been helpless for a long time below the dam at Jablanica Lake. After obtaining a license from the Hydro Power Plant on Neretva, the action was successfully performed and the dog was handed over to the Jablanica Veterinary Service, “ it was published on the official Facebook page of HGSS Jablanica.

The video of rescue action appeared on Facebook, as well as photos of the rescued dog, which caused the enthusiasm of the users of this social network and animal lovers.

The video shows a dog with a rescuer, and the rest, as the girl from the video says, went off with the boat to get a dog carrier.

“We gave him the means to calm him down. He first escaped from a man and then from other dogs and spent two months here ‘as a cave man’. The dog is saved! Just a little initiative and everything is possible! “ the girl said.

According to her, the dog will go to the “Sapice” Association from Capljina, and then everyone will engage in finding a shelter for him.

“This was a heroic act of all, and of him because he withstood this cold weather. Well done HGSS! Well done boys! They had to go and borrow the boat, so we all try to help them to get the equipment, “ a girl said.

The video also shows the remains of food that was thrown by workers to keep him alive.


(Source: Faktor.ba)


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