Positive Story: Perpetrators of Attack on Mosque demanded to be forgiven


After police identified the perpetrators of the attack on the Carsija mosque in Bosanska Dubica, the perpetrators were accompanied by their parents to the Islamic Community of Bosanska Dubica, Mina reported.

In an interview with Amir Draganovic, Safet Beganovic and Merzuk Kozlic, the perpetrators expressed remorse and demanded to be forgiven. 

“In our conversation with the perpetrators, we felt genuine remorse and sincere apologies. We are not pleased to meet you on this occasion, but we are glad to hear words of sincere remorse and apology. We gladly accepted the invitation of our parents to visit the Islamic community because people are prone to sin, and the greatness of a person is remorseful, asking for forgiveness and accepting the hand of apology,” Safet Beganovic told Mina.

Beganovic emphasized that it is necessary to build and maintain good neighborly relations, and that this meeting with the perpetrators and their parents is very important in this regard. Islamic Community also confirmed that parents had offered to pay the cost of repairing damage to the mosque.

“After the meeting, at the invitation of parents, we all went out for coffee, because, as the perpetrators said, it means a lot to them to send a message of sincere remorse and understanding on the other side,” Beganovic added. The attack on the mosque was also condemned by Mayor Radenko Reljic, who offered to repair the damage.



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