Positive Story on Employment in Visoko!

Visoko2Although the number of unemployed persons in our country is increasing every day, different examples are coming from the municipality of Visoko, where the Mayor Amra Babic managed to reduce the number of unemployed persons in her first mandate.

Number of employed persons in the area of Visoko in 2012 was around 9,200, while in 2015 that number reached 9,923 people. The municipality of Visoko in 2014 signed the Memorandum of understanding and involvement in the GOLD project as a project of help of the American and Swedish people through which they implemented projects of vocational training, employment and retraining, and more than 318 people got employed only through this project.

In January 2014, the Municipality of Visoko signed a partnership agreement with USAID Sida GOLD project, regional development agency REZ, the Government of Zenica-Doboj Canton, Federal Employment Service and the Company D&U Visoko, where 80 shoemakers got trained trough the vocational training and employment of shoemakers for the need of the company ‘Company D&U’, and 60 of them were employed.

In the year of 2014, an agreement on partnership was signed, whose partners were the Municipality of Visoko, USAID Sida GOLD project, regional development agency REZ, the Government of the Zenica-Doboj Canton, Federal Employment Institute and company Prevent from Visoko for training, preparation for work and employment of sewers in accordance with the needs of the company. After acquiring the necessary skills and competencies, 80 people were employed.

In the past three years, overall number of employees in the Municipality of Visoko was increased by 723 persons, or 7.85 %. However, youth employment is not forgotten in this municipality as well, and it can also be an example of good work.

“In the period from 2013 to 2015, a total of 38 volunteers were received in the Municipality of Visoko with the purpose of training for independent work and gaining the necessary work experience in order to apply to public calls. Also, the highest percentage of newly employed workers in the leather and textile industry includes young people,” as announced from the Municipality of Visoko.

(Source: E. M./Klix.ba)

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