Positive Story: Merhamet organizes Iftar Dinner for 400 People

iftarThe Regional Board of Merhamet in the city of Gorazde helps to people in need, and especially its help can be seen during the holy month of Ramadan.

So far, they have organized numerous iftars and distributed food packages. Namely, they distributed more than 400 iftars, mostly in collective centers and returnees in Republika Srpska entity (RS).

“Iftars are not made in the extent that the users want, but we are trying to do more iftars because there is an increasing number of requests for help and a smaller number of donors, and we have increased our engagement in the past two weeks. We have planned a big iftar on June 23rd in the city of Foca in cooperation with Merhamet from Sarajevo, and it will be the central iftar for our area…, “says Semsudin Kuljuh, director of Merhamet Gorazde.

In addition to the organization of iftars, Merhamet also carries out the distribution of food and hygiene products packages for the people in need. They have recently distributed 15 packages from the donation of the Turkish humanitarian organization. Nearly 800 users were supported by Merhamet in the BPK Gorazde area and surrounding RS municipalities.

(Source: fena)

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