Positive Story: Man from Croatia saved Life of Head of Local Islamic Community in Gornji Vakuf


Last weekend, a traffic accident happened near Gornji Vakuf settlement, which almost ended tragically.

Head of the Islamic community in Gornji Vakuf Saudin Luzic, returning from his job from the village of Luzani, lost control of the vehicle and crashed into Vrbas River.

Fortunately, Mario Orec, was near, and immediately jumped into the icy water and assisted the injured man.

“I lost control of the car, after which the car overturned and landed in the river. I managed to get out of the water but couldn’t get out of the car. I was bleeding and I was very bad. Mr. Orec jumped into the river without thinking and tried to break window with his bare hands and hurt his hand while trying. Then he took the stone, broke it and helped me get out of the car and then out of the river,”Luzic said.

After being pulled out of the river, Saudin was given medical assistance and was referred for home treatment.  Orec told Avaz newspapers that he has lived in Zagreb for thirty years. He was born in Bugojno, and until the age of 18 lived in Donja Rica.

“I went to Bosnia for my aunt and cousin’s funeral that day. I saw the car coming towards me and to my astonishment it started moving uncontrollably and ended up in Vrbas. I immediately stopped, went down, picked up a rock and entered the river. The water was up to the belt. I broke the windshield and helped the man get out. In the meantime, several other people gathered, calling the police and the ambulance. I helped a young man and I am immensely glad about it,” Orec told Avaz newspaers.

“Thank you dear God for everything and every condition, and especially thank you for finding Mr. Mario, to whom I thank immensely and wish him all the best in life,” said Luzic.


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