Positive Story: Husejn Tursunovic distributed 700 Meals to Migrants


Known for doing good deeds, Husejn Tursunovic from the settlement of Stjepan Polje from Gracanica visited the migrants at the Vucjak camp near Bihac on Friday and distributed 700 meals to them.

He says he is touched by migrant destinies, their escape from war, the difficult path to a better future, the inhumane conditions in which they live around the world today.

“I do not know who is to blame for the plight of thousands of people, but what I have seen in Vucjak is hard to understand and accept. I’m terrified. These people need to be helped, and both citizens and the country must put more effort. We must not forget that we were refugees not too long ago. Winter and snow are coming, I’m scared to think what will happen to these people,” said Husejn Tursunovic for Avaz news portal, who is known for doing good deeds all over Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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