Positive Story: Born and raised in Italy but decided to live in BiH

January 22, 2018 11:45 AM

Dario Loncarevic was born and raised in Italy, and his family is originally from BiH. He came to BiH because it was his honest wish, and he is planning to stay because he believes that young people can influence the creation of a better ambience in the society.

His parents lived in BiH before the war. During the war, his father was in the Main Staff of the Army of the RBiH, and his mother (with one son then) left BiH as a refugee. They went to Italy in 1995, and they were planning to stay shortly, but Dario was born there in 1999. They used to come to BiH during the summer, and as he grew up, Dario became very attached to our country. At the end of his high school education, he decided to leave Italy and come to BiH.

Dario Loncarevic decided to attend the Second Gymnasium in Sarajevo (IB Department), and he stated that he is planning to stay because he believes in the potentials of this country and young people, for which he says that they can play a key role in the development of this country.

“This shouldn’t be just a story. There are many concrete ways in which young people can get activated, they just need a chance. The problem is in the system. Young people can be the most active members of the society, but if the system is ill, nothing can be done there,” stated young Dario.

Loncarevic stated that, by trying to activate as many of his peers as possible, he is currently trying to contribute to creation of a better environment in BiH in several ways. Among others, he established the “Factory of Change”, which is working on the development of civic engagement of youth in BiH and connecting young people with successful people from different fields.

“We are trying to connect people from politics, institutions, economy and the NGO sector with young people through the “Factory of Change”. We are trying to realize this project in as many cities in BiH as possible, and to increase the influence of young people at the same time. We had four project realizations so far, and the response was very good,” said Dario.

He believes that all spheres of BH society should get involved, improve their lives and create a positive environment for the life and stay of young people, which are the largest capital of this country, according to young Dario Loncarevic.

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