Positive Story about Employment of Disabled Persons

The story of the company CHB Ltd. Sarajevo, which employs 25 young people, of whom 19 are disabled, is another positive story in our country.

The primary activity of CHB is marketing, promotion and research, because those are jobs that our employees can perform without problems, there are no physical obstacles for people with disabilities to do them, and they have inclusive character because employees are in constant communication with clients. Moreover, besides these activities, the company is also providing services in the beauty salon “Malena”, which is located near the Sarajevo market in the centre of Sarajevo.

The next step that CHB is planning is the launch of the first domestic production of scented candles.

“There is a visible increase of interest and market growth but people are still buying imported candles. We found a model to enable people with disabilities to make scented candles and to enter the market with a good price that will compete with the imported goods,” stated Tarik Cengic, the owner of the company.

He added that people with disabilities have their personal struggles and challenges but they also have great potential and they can greatly contribute to companies and the whole society, but we have to first give up on our own prejudices and give them opportunity.

“I hope that more employers will decide to employ people with disabilities in the future period. They will not only help them, but they will also see for themselves that they are very dedicated, hardworking and motivated workers.”

(Source: klix.ba)






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