Positive News: Group of Workers bought a Car to their Work Colleague!

Workers of the company “Turija” from Bihac have made an unusual but praiseworthy gesture for their work colleague Sead Hodzic, and bought him a Fiat Punto car.

Muhamed Selimovic, the owner of this company told “Nezavisne” newspapers that the workers spontaneously came up with this idea.

“Sead started working here a year ago and he is really a golden boy. A month ago, he passed his driving test but the problem was that he did not own a car and he struggled to get to work because he does not live close”, says Selimovic.

He added Hodzic comes from a large family and his earnings are the only source of income for them. He supported the idea from his workers from the outset and everyone decided to allocate some of their money to help purchase a car for their colleague.

“True, the car is used, it is not new, but it is in very good condition and I hope it will serve him for a long time,” Selimovic says.

Hodzic says that his colleagues pleasantly surprised him and that it was unexpected. “When I came to work the entire collective welcomed me. I did not know what it was all about. I had to walk in with my eyes closed and when I opened them, I saw the car. This was the most beautiful New Year’s gift I could get and it was even tied with a red ribbon,” says Hodzic.

He adds that this is just proof of the kind of friendship that governs this small but successful company. The company “Turija” currently employs 30 workers and the owner confirms workers are well paid and have good conditions at their workplace.


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