Positive News: Triplets born in Bihac!

January 15, 2019 1:00 PM

Residents of Bihac have reason to celebrate because three new babies came to the world after midnight. Happy parents are Emilija and Anto Vukovic, who got two boys and one girl. Happy parents already have one son Dorian.

First was born Leona, ten minutes after midnight, a few minutes later Ivan, and then Luka. Babies are 1.9 kg, 2.2 kg and 2.3 kg.

Mother has spent the last 15 days in the hospital for preparations, and babies were born by Caesarean section. She had great support from her fellow residents who wrote support messages and encouraged her in the past, and today they all expressed great happiness and joy.

Her sister, who moved from BiH earlier, said that Emilija decided to stay regardless of the difficult situation and increase the birth rate of the country.

“We congratulate to mother Emilija, dad Anto and brother Dorian! Welcome out three beautiful babies,” wrote residents on Bihac in the “Positive Bihac” group.




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