Positive News: 42 Persons got Employment Opportunity in Bosanska Krupa

Bosanska Krupa is one of 27 BiH municipalities that managed to initiate employment within the municipality thanks to its participation in a European Union project. Out of 50 persons in total who completed training, retraining and additional skill development training, 42 persons earned the welder’s certificate (CERTIFICATE EN ISO 9606-1 (EN 287-1)) and got an employment opportunity or were already employed by the companies that are partners of the project.

Fostering of local partnerships and identification of the private sector needs for competitive workforce facilitated this result. After the project implementation and especially in view of continuous growth of the metal sector in Bosanska Krupa and the Una-Sana Canton, the local partnership’s goal is to ramp up this number to 150 persons within one year.

Local Employment Partnership brings together public, private and non-governmental sectors to jointly address the workforce problem. An analysis of the regulatory framework for practical training in the Una-Sana Canton was made within the project including also practical recommendations for improvements to the legislative framework forwarded to the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the USC, to be adopted and implemented in technical vocational schools in the canton.

As a part of the project, sophisticated welding simulation and weld control equipment was procured for the Entrepreneurship Support Centre in Bosanska Krupa and staff of the local multi-vocational high school was trained for practical training that took place in the Centre.

The web platform of the Entrepreneurship Support Centre created within the project will allow businessmen, but also the unemployed, to express their workforce needs.

The project was implemented by the Municipality of Bosanska Krupa in cooperation with its partners PLOD Centar Bihać, Multi-vocational high School Safet Krupić, PI Employment Bureau of the Una-Sana Canton, and companies Novi Most d.o.o., ACMA d.o.o., Krupa Kabine d.o.o., BOSANCAR d.o.o., and ZAH d.o.o.

The Local Employment Partnership in Bosanska Krupa is one of the 19 local employment partnerships established within the project Support to Local Employment Partnerships in Bosnia and Herzegovina funded by the European Union with 4 million euros and implemented by the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

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