Polling Stations for Parliamentary Elections in Croatia opened in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Polling stations for the parliamentary elections in Croatia were opened in Bosnia and Herzegovina on Saturday morning, and voting will continue on Sunday as well. In Sarajevo, six polling stations were opened at the High School of Economics.

In BiH, it is possible to vote for elections in Croatia at 45 polling stations, six in Sarajevo, 20 in Mostar, two in Banja Luka, three in Tuzla, four in Livno and 10 in Vitez, Fena news agency reports.

There is a pre-election silence in Croatia today, which started last night at 00.00 and lasts until 19.00 on Sunday, when the polls for these parliamentary elections should be closed.

Croatian citizens residing in BiH vote for three members of the Croatian Parliament elected from the 11th constituency.

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