Politics: Socio-Economic Reforms as the first Task

zvizdicThe Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH Denis Zvizdić stated today that first 100 days will be devoted to determining a plan of activities of the Council, implementation of all the program goals and activities he stated in his report, that is, launching those activities.

He added that they will work on proposal of budget of BiH institutions, which will be introduced in a quick, dynamic adoption procedure and that they will “work on all those activities that are under jurisdiction of the ministries which make the BiH Council of Ministers”.

Zvizdić said that first session of the new assembly of Council of Ministers of BiH should be held in the next few days.

He said the first task will be making the socio-economic reform agenda.

”And of course all other associated activities, such as program of activities of the Council of Ministers of BiH, budget of BiH institutions, preparation for implementation of commitments from the Stabilization and Association Agreement and working on defining an efficient coordination mechanism”, said Zvizdić.

House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH confirmed at today’s session appointment of ministers, deputy ministers and deputy chair of the Council of Ministers of BiH.

Twenty-six deputies voted “for”, seven against, whereas one was abstained.

After their appointment was confirmed, ministers and deputy ministers took the oath of office.


(Source: Fena)

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