Politics Functions Better at Local Level Rather Than at Higher Levels of Government

RENZO DAVIDDIThe Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to BiH Renzo Daviddi and the Minister-Councilor in the Embassy of Croatia to BiH Alenka Hudek were on a working visit to Jajce today.

During the meeting with the Mayor of municipality Jajce Edin Hozan and the Chairman of the Municipal Council of Jajce Branko Bungić they spoke on the state of the economy in municipality Jajce, visions of development and experiences of countries in the EU, above all experiences of the local community of the newest member of the EU, Croatia.

Mayor Edin Hozan thanked them for the visit to Jajce, and expressed hope that the guests from the EU would be able to see that Jajce is one of the municipalities that is in the ‘’process of good changes for the better’’.

“Municipality Jajce is one part of the mosaic of BiH and guests from the EU have to see where is Jajce in this entire BiH milieu. I hope that this visit will help people who convey messages on the situation in BiH help that these messages are positive and that BIH will begin to move faster towards the EU’’, said Hozan.

The Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to BIH Renzo Daviddi said that this is one of a series of visits to municipalities in BiH.

“These visits gave us a better understanding of the reality in this country and we see that politics at the local level function better than at higher levels of governemnt’’, said Daviddi.

He said that it was important that the positive aspect of policy making at the local level be elevated to higher levels, ‘so maybe from the level of local community it influences policy making and problem solving at a higher level’’.

Chairman of the municipal council Branko Bungić recalled that Jajce is a partner with the city of Virovitica.

“We plan to follow the positive example of Croatia in the wake of pre-accession funds and all other forms of EU assistance that we wish to implement tomorrow in Jajce’’, concluded Bungić.

It was said that the EU recognizes the important role of local government in meeting EU values and standards. What is more important is that BiH citizens in large measure support the European integration of their country.

In addition to meetings with local governments, diplomats of EU met in Jajce with representatives of youth organizations, because young people are considered an important factor in the development of BiH society, and after that there was a visit to local business communities.

(Source: Fena)





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