Politicians invited to use Public Transportation today

jerko-ivanovic-lijanovicI invite representatives of the Government, of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly, and members of the Presidency of BiH to use public transportation in the coming days, said the candidate for the Presidency of BiH on general elections in 2018 Jerko Ivanković Lijanović.

“Decision by the Sarajevo Canton Government on the introduction of the even-uneven system today, in the 21st century, is the confirmation of the inability of those people who decide on the lives of the citizens of Sarajevo and all those who live out of that Canton.

This is an opportunity for all citizens to unite and oppose such leadership by those who manipulated them, an opportunity to change this situation forever.

If the government does not understand and does not respect the needs of their citizens, then the citizens should not respect them ever again.

That is why I invite all representatives of authorities in the Sarajevo Canton, starting from the Prime Minister to every delegate, as well as members of the Presidency of BiH who have to come to the city center to work, to empathize with their citizens and use public transportation, trams, trolleybuses and buses to come to their workplaces, to meetings, to sessions, in the coming days.

Also, they should think about ways in which they will refund the costs of free transportation for public transporters and ways in which they will refund half of the amount of vehicle registration for every car owner, if they are not capable of presenting more realistic, more practical and more innovative solutions,” said Jerko Ivanović Lijanović in a press release.

(Source: focus.ba)

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