Police seized Arsenal of Weapons owned by One Person in Banja Luka


Police officers of the Banja Luka Police Department arrested one person of D.M. initials on Saturday for committing a crime.

A fight between two people was reported to the relevant police station, after which it was found that D.M. owns a gun for which he has no license.

“A search was conducted at the site used by the suspect D.M., when it was found that he owns 15 rifles from different manufacturers, 16 pistols, including non-manufacturer pistols, two holster knives, five bayonets and 432 different caliber ammunition,” RS Interior Ministry spokesman Danijela Mucibabic confirmed to news portal.

Criminal processing was also carried out on S.L. on suspicion of committing the criminal offense of bodily harms.

Measures and actions under this case were conducted under the supervision of the District Public Prosecutor’s Office of Banja Luka.

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