Police Officers from East Ilidza saved Two Seven-Years Old Boys from Fire

The Interior Minister of Republika Srpska (MUPRS) Dragan Lukac praised the police officers from East Ilidza Dobro Skakavac, Mirza Kahrovic, Radomir Cerov, Bojan Siljo, Miodrag Boškovic, Nikol Simanic and Denis Koldzic who on March 11th, saved lives of two children, extinguished fire and thus again demonstrated the human side of the police job.

Police Officers Dobro Skakavac and Mirza Kahrovic swiftly intervened and extinguished fire in the apartment located in the attic of a five-story building, pulling out seven-year-old boys who were in danger.

At that time, other police officers had localized fire and thus prevented the further spread of fire.

“In this way, police officers of the RS MUP have once again shown that they are willing to sacrifice their lives to save others and therefore deserve every compliment,” was stated.

(Photo: srna news agency)

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