Police Officers found Five Illegal Migrants in Freight Train in Konjic



Police officers at Konjic Police Station received a report on Thursday, 10 minutes before midnight, from a train dispatcher at the Konjic train station, who said five migrants were in one of the freight train wagons arriving from Mostar.

A police patrol identified A. S. (1989), A. A. (1999) and I. M. (1997) from Palestine, and M. H. (1999) and H. H. (1997) from Syria.

Office for Foreigner Affairs in Mostar was informed about this case, which requested that migrants be brought under control until the curfew expires and then sent to the nearest migration center.

The aforementioned was also informed about the Emergency Medical Assistance in Konjic, whose staff carried out a triage process on migrants, the statement said.

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