Police in BiH found larger Quantity of Air Bombs in the Warehouses

In the warehouses of one company, a large quantity of air bombs was found, the purchase, possession and traffic of which is in no way allowed to citizens.

Acting on the order of a prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, police officers of the Federation Police Administration – FUP are carrying out searches in one company in the municipality of Grude.

According to available information, there is a larger quantity of air bombs in the warehouses of the mentioned company, the production, procurement, holding and trafficking of which are in no way allowed to citizens.

Police officers specially trained for counter-sabotage protection are also present at the search site, because of the need to deactivate explosive devices.

The acting prosecutor coordinates the work of authorised police officers in the field, within the criminal case – Illicit trafficking in arms, military equipment and products of dual use under Article 193 of the Criminal Code of BiH. In further investigation, the origin and purpose of the found air bombs will be determined, as well as all other elements needed to fully shed light on this crime.

In this case, significant cooperation was achieved with citizens and the local community.

The work on the case is being continued intensively.

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