Police in the Central Bosnia Canton resolved all Murder Cases in the last 15 Years

January 25, 2018 9:30 AM

Police in the Central Bosnia Canton recorded some very good results in recent years, especially regarding the most difficult forms of criminal delicts. This is especially reflected in the fact that they solved all murder cases committed in this canton in the last 15 years.

Last year, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Central Bosnia Canton recorded decreased number of criminal offenses in comparison to the previous year, while the percentage of total solved criminal offences recorded an increase.

Moreover, their activities led to the decreased number of reported criminal offenses by 2 % in the past year, and the percentage of finding crime perpetrators in the year of 2017 remained at a high level and amounted to 49 %.

“The most serious criminal offenses that are referring to human life and body were successfully resolved, such as the case of a triple murder in Donji Vakuf, whose perpetrator was arrested and handed over to the competent cantonal prosecutor’s office thanks to the rapid police response. Also, the robbery with the death consequences in Gornji Vakuf, where it was especially emphasized that perpetrators were from the area of Vitez and Zenica, and they escaped abroad after that criminal offense,” as stated from the MIA SBC.

In the year of 2017, the police of SBC found the perpetrators of the robberies in 50 % of cases, and they especially noted the successful action of solving the case of robbery in the Bingo market in Bugojno, when an armed and masked person stole about 64,000 BAM.

The number of vehicle thefts was cut in half in the last two years as well.

Good results were also recorded in the section of the fight against narcotic abuse, where a total of 110 reports were submitted against 111 people, and activities in this plan will be continued while a significant amount of narcotic drugs was seized as well.

From the MIA SBC especially noted that the number of solved cases was the result of good cooperation with citizens, and they received valuable intel thanks to the timely reactions of citizens, which eventually resulted in the arrest of persons who were suspected of narcotics abuse.

(Source: faktor.ba)




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