Police arrested Person suspected of Murder of Monk in Glogovac Monastery​

Republika Srpska Interior Minister Dragan Lukac said that the suspect in the murder of a monk in the Glogovac monastery was injured with a knife during the arrest, but that his condition is stable.

After today’s arrest operation in the Banja Luka motel “Nana”, Lukac said that the police, after locating him, tried to negotiate with the suspect to surrender.

“After an unremembered crime, the monstrous murder of a monk, we located the person after a long search. He took a room here in the motel. After locating, the police contacted him and they tried to negotiate his surrender, which he did not want and threatened is that he will kill himself, “Lukac told ATV.

He added that in the meantime, the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit was called in, which carried out the intrusion and arrest.

“During the intervention, he was injured with a knife, but he is alive and stable and was transferred to the University Clinical Center, after which he will be further processed,” Lukac stated.

Lukac said that the suspect did not have the opportunity to resist, because the action was very fast and he was not allowed to injure any of the police officers.

Father Stefan, a longtime monk in the Glogovac monastery in the Sipovo municipality, was killed on Monday, December 7, in the evening.

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