Point Prayer of Four Traditional Religions to commemorate all the Victims of the past War in Bosnia-Herzegovina


The Inter-Religious Council of Bosnia-Herzegovina (MRVBiH) is organizing a joint prayer for four traditional religions to commemorate all the victims of the past war in BiH, and to sign a new treaty with the United States Organization for International Development (USAID) in BiH.

The meeting will take place on Tuesday at the premises of the Jewish Community, and prayers will be led by Reisu-l-ulema Husein ef Kavazovic, Cardinal Vinko Puljic,  Nemanja Djureinovic and Igor Bencion Kozemjakin.

Jacob Finci, President of the Jewish Community of BiH, after a joint prayer with the Chairman of the MRVBiH Assembly, and Boni Glick, Deputy Director General of USAID, will sign a new agreement between MRVBiH and USAID.

The statement states that this agreement commits USAID to support the activities of the Inter-Religious Council in monitoring and responding to incitement, hate speech and attacks on religious sites in BiH.

In recent years, the MRVBiH has been monitoring and responding to attacks on religious sites in BiH, including the desecration of places of worship and cemeteries and attacks on persons related to them. With USAID’s one-year assistance, MRVBiH will increase co-operation with authorities, civil society and the media, youth and their networks, in order to combat hate speech and attacks on religious sites.

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