Podzic-Rao: Successful Cooperation between BiH and Pakistan

Today, the Minister of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sifet Podzic received in a farewell visit the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to BiH Muhammad Khalid Rao and the Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of the Republic of Pakistan in BiH Shakaib Rafique.

Podzic thanked Ambassador Raou for the visit before his departure as ambassador, emphasizing the successful cooperation between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Also, Minister expressed satisfaction with the realized bilateral cooperation between the two ministries.

Outgoing Ambassador Rao thanked for the reception and praised the co-operation between the two countries in the field of defense during his term.

He, among other things, emphasized that IR Pakistan is still open for the education of AF BiH cadets at Command Schools, Academies and War Universities.

In the end, it was concluded that the relations between the two friendly countries should be further strengthened through the intensification of economic exchange and training of AFBiH staff.

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