Počitelj: A stunning Medieval Town in Herzegovina

pociteljPočitelj, a small town located in the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 35 kilometers from Mostar, is situated on the left bank of the Neretva River.

It is carved with the history of the middle ages and the rule of the Ottoman Empire.

Medieval defense forts dominate the high cliffs above Neretva, and a small settlement nested underneath them.

Počitelj is dominated by oriental construction styles which, together with the Mediterranean style, give this place a special dimension. It had probably existed even before, but Počitelj is mentioned for the first time in written documents in 1444.

In the coming period, for the purpose of defense from the conquests of the Turks, the Hungarian-Croatian king Matthias Corvinus and the local noblemen fortified Počitelj.

The Republic of Dubrovnik contributed a lot in financial terms. They also financed the construction of a bridge across Neretva.

The Turks conquered Počitelj in 1471 and it soon became the headquarters of the captaincy.

Of the important facilities in Počitelj, it is important to mention the Hajji Alija’s Mosque from the mid-16th century, which dominates the town, and the Šišman-Ibrahim Pasha’s Madrasah with original copper domes.

Another dominant position is taken by a Clock Tower from the 17th century and a hammam – Turkish bath.

Right next to the hammam there was an inn for caravans, which is now being renovated, and it used to house a famous restaurant.

One of the first artistic colonies in the southeast of Europe was opened in the Gavran Kapetanovića Houses in 1964. It is still working and it is open for visitors every day.

Tourist event Trešnjeva Nedjelja is held every first weekend in the month of July in Počitelj.


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