PM Vucic: There are no “Bosnian Serbs”, I am “Serb from Bosnia”

April 1, 2017 9:00 AM

vucicPrime Minister of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic said that Serbs from Serbia and BiH are the same Serbs and that there are no “Bosnian Serbs”, or “Croatian Serbs”.

“This is a geographical determinant where is a Serb coming from, and we are the same Serbs,” said PM Vucic and added that he feels like “a Serb from Bosnia” since his father is originating from BiH.

When commenting on the current situation in BiH, Vucic said that Serbs have to live in peace with Bosniaks and that this is his policy.

Vucic said on this occasion that he believes that he is at least a little bit responsible for the fact that the EU has not imposed sanctions against Dodik.

“I met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel back then. I have to admit that she asked for my opinion and stated that it is always the fault of the RS and Dodik. I told her that this is only one-sided approach and that it simply does not lead to any solution. I also told Americans that I think it is a bad solution,” stated Vucic.

He says that the proof of the fact that he had at least some contribution to it was that the EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Federica Mogherini agreed to meet with President Dodik, which “is not a small thing.”



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