PM Vučić after the Incident: I was attacked by the Supporters of one Football Club

Vučić about Incident sandzakpress.netAfter the incident in which he was attacked and evacuated from Potočari, the Prime Minister of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić held an extraordinary press-conference. During the press-conference, he emphasized several times that this was done by one group of people who wanted to provoke, and how the majority of the Bosniak people do not think in such manner.

During the addressing, he said three times that he still most sincerely stretches his hand out to the Bosniak people.

‘’As the president of the Government of RS, I lead the delegation of our country to pay tribute to the innocent victims. I was asked by the host not to speak at that gathering-I respected that. I was very decently, even warmly, welcomed by the families of the victims, the mothers of the killed ones, even by mayor Duraković, we acted with dignity and responsibility. I represented my country the way I wish to represent my Serbia always’’.

When I arrived, there were no problems except few insults. However, when I was leaving the Battery Factory, a group of supporters of one football club from Serbia started shouting insults, and then threats ‘’Kill Vučić, kill the chetnik’’ started from all around.

Our cars were crashed, I was hit in the lip with a stone. My glasses were broken. I am sorry that some people did not recognize a sincere intention. I saw hate that I have never seen anywhere. My hand towards the Bosniak people remains stretched out. I will continue with that policy. There are fools in every nation, we are not in deficit with such, either. I understand that the majority of the Bosniak people does not agree with what happened today’’, added the President of the Government of Serbia.

Vučić emphasized yesterday that in every country there is a certain group of people who behave in a way certain people acted yesterday in Potočari.

‘’Don’t worry about the fools who participated in this, there are such everywhere. I express regret that something like this happened, I am sorry that someone did not recognize my intention to build friendship together’’.

‘’Regardless of this being a great act of injustice, this is hate I have never seen anywhere before. I repeat and I stress-my hand towards the Bosniak people remains stretched out, I will continue with that policy-always’’.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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