PM Novalic: We are planning to invest 300 million BAM in Road Construction in 2018

The Parliament of the FBiH adopted the Rebalance of the Budget for 2017 and the Draft Budget for 2018, and according to Prime Minister Fadil Novalic, that is a very good sign as well as an indicator that some of the capital infrastructure projects will be implemented in the FBiH in the year of 2018.

The Rebalance for 2017 includes a capital transfer of PE Highways of the FBiH in the amount of 107 million BAM, which will be directed at the construction of the fast road Lasva – Nevic Polje and the section of the highway of Mostar bypass North and South. The budget for 2018 foresees directing of 183 million BAM at the construction of highways and fast roads. These are the directions Sarajevo-Gorazde, Tuzla-Zepce, Sarajevo Transversal and Mostar Bypass.

The Government of the FBiH believes that the improvement of the infrastructure is of key importance for the development of our economy and the opening of new workplaces, so we decided to invest money from the clearing debt and the accumulated profits of public companies, and I am glad that our opinion received the support of the Parliament of FBiH last week,” said Prime Minister Fadil Novalic.

Therefore, the construction of the section of the fast-road Lasva-Nevic Polje should be financed from the collected clearing debt in the amount of 100 million BAM. Then, the project of road construction to Gorazde, where is planned the construction of the tunnel in the length of 5.5 kilometers, will be financed from the accumulated profit of BH Telecom in the amount of 70 million BAM. Expropriation will not be needed for this project and works will be started immediately.

Around 20 million BAM is needed for Mostar bypass, and the Government of FBiH is planning to secure money from three sources, i.e. 10 million BAM from BH Telecom, 7 million BAM from clearing debt and 3 million BAM from the accumulated profit of Elektroprivreda HZHB.

When it comes to the First transversal, a total of 35 million BAM is required for its construction, and 10 million BAM will be secured from BH Telecom and 25 from the accumulated profit of the International Airport Sarajevo.

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