What did PM Konaković say about the SFF?

Elmedin Konaković fbl.baElmedin Konaković, Prime Minister of the Sarajevo Canton, attended the opening ceremony of the 22nd Sarajevo Film Festival last night. He told the journalists that during the SFF Sarajevo becomes the center of cultural events.

Prior to this year’s SFF, Konaković welcomed the main star of this year’s festival, Robert De Niro, on social networks and promised that reductions of water will not be something that will welcome him in Sarajevo.

“I am often present on social networks, our people love joking, and so do I. The thing with reductions of water is, unfortunately, our reality,” Konaković said last night.

Konaković said that SFF is getting better and better every year and that the team led by Mirsad Purivatra is doing a great job.

“Look at the guests who came, the films that will be screened. In my humble opinion, it all speaks about Sarajevo as the European and, if I may say, the world center of cultural events. This means a lot for our economy and tourism,” Konaković said.

Konaković added that it is time for Sarajevo to repay its debt to Purivatra and the SFF in a way.

“Maybe it is time for the 6th of April Award or some plaque,” Konaković said.


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